5 Good Reasons Why Hiring a Property Manager is a Benefit to Your Property Investment

System - Saturday, June 30, 2018
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Hello Tulsa! We are At Home Rental Management and we are excited to help owners with their investments and find the best tenants quickly. Monica Bell and Jeanne Anson have been working in real estate since early 2000. They decided to work together to bring a fresh, new way to manage properties in the greater Tulsa area.

Our number one priority is seeing your investments successfully grow. With our experience, we believe working with a property manager would help you reach your goals. So, we compiled the top 5 reasons why to seriously consider working with a professional property manager.

1. You make more money with a Property Manager

We know that property owners hesitate to consider hiring a property manager, however bringing on a professional is incredibly important to having a successful investment. A property manager is committed to meeting your investment goals and therefore an important piece of the puzzle to consider. By hiring a property manager, owners get better tenants which leads to a greater profit, less damage and a better experience in the long run.

2. You lease to better tenants with a Property Manager

Because of better tenant screening processes and a larger pool to choose from, property managers are part of helping you find better, longer lasting tenants. A property manager has the experience to differentiate the tenants that are and are not a good fit. Plus, they have the advertising to get the word out and the commitment to fill the vacancy quickly.

3. A Property Manager will save you stress and time

Being a landlord can quickly become a full-time job. Keeping track of rent payments, dealing with complaints and repairs, collecting late fees, deals with bad tenants, and preparing the property for a new tenant. Hiring a good property manager can provide peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your investment.

4. Property Managers know the law

One of the biggest advantages to hiring a property manager is avoiding legal headaches. A professional is an expert in federal and state laws when it comes to things from discrimination laws in screening and selecting to eviction law. An experienced property manager is a good person to have on your team when questions about how to carry out your investment lawfully arise.

5. A Property Manager helps keep things professionally between tenants and owners

Getting too personally involved with a tenant is easier to do than you might think. Becoming friends with a tenant can lead to being too lenient or defensive. Using a property management company can help keep things professional. Renting out a property is a business, so keeping things professional from the beginning can keep things running smoothly if problems arise.

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