Things to do before Jack Frost nips at your nose

LREI Property Management - Thursday, December 13, 2018
Property Management Blog
  1. Remind your tenants to keep the heat on when leaving for vacation. Keeping the temperature at 55 degrees Fahrenheit will prevent the pipes from freezing. 
  2. To be sure that you are ready for any bad weather that may come our way this season. If you plan on taking care of snow removal yourself, be sure you have the proper supplies and material ahead of time. If you plan on contracting the removal out, now is the time to call and shop around for rates. 
  3. Check for loose or weak tree branches that can fall with a little wind, ice or snow. As you know, fallen trees and branches could cause property damage or injure a tenant. 
  4. Keep an eye on the pipes in your properties. Ensuring that outdoor pipes and sprinklers are fully drained will help prevent them from freezing in low temperatures. As an added precaution, you can add foam pipe insulation to outdoor plumbing. 
  5. Inspect the edges of doors and windows for cracks that would lead to heat loss. Replace caulking or sealant as needed to keep your tenants warm. 

We hope that these tips will keep you proactive to Mother Nature. All of us with At Home Rentals hope you and your tenants have a safe and happy holiday.


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